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Peresvit Deodorizer

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Peresvit Deodorizer


  • Absorbs unwanted moisture and odor
  • Increases life of gloves by avoiding breakdown from moisture
  • An all-natural, non-toxic and safe alternative to harsh chemical sprays
  • Nunchucks design keeps gloves together
  • Works great for Boxing Gloves, Gym Bags, Bathroom, Car & more. Even fits perfectly in shoes!


  • Shoes
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Gym Bags
  • Bathroom
  • Car

How to use:
Simply slip the deodorizers into your gloves after your work-out and they will get to work.
Just rip the plastic bag then place the bag in the desired area which needs deodorization. Within a short space of time, it will smell fresh and odor free.

Before first usage place in direct sunlight for one hour. Repeat this every month

Last up 2 years.

1. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep this item away from babies and children
2. Do not use this bag in cribs,beds,carriages or playpens,this bag is not a toy,Stay away from fire and exposed power lines.
3. Do not put this bag into the microwave or ovens to heating

Peresvit Deodorizer
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